Getting that initial connection and awareness
Finding the open door

There is always a path towards positive change, if one can find the right door.

This can be a physical, emotional or mental change as they’re all one in the same. Each are different facets or manifestations of yourself in this reality and all are parts of yourself that you make sure that you show love to on a regular basis. This love can mean just taking a moment during your day to ask yourself, “how am I feeling?” This simple question can help you frame your whole day and give you a better context for taking decisions in the direction that will best serve you.

There is a difference between those daily practices built to serve you and those longer intentions that arrive to stretch and grow you. The daily checkins should serve as sign posts to ensure you’re walking along the right path, and at the right pace. Any path can quickly become the wrong path if you find yourself frequently burned out or the goal stops being something you love doing for lack of loving yourself while pursuing it.

The longer intentions are there to help you decide which of the many paths before you are the ones you should pursue. These intentions should always be towards the pursuit of love, happiness and creation.

If you find you’re focused on the possessions or goals of others rather the the creation of your own, you have descended into jealousy and have begun to use the wrong type of fuel for your engine. Using envy, hate or self-loathing as fuel will only reinforce these feelings in you life until all that you hold is that energy, and moving this energy out of your life at a later date will be a tremendous challenge.

Open yourself to daily practices and positive long-term intentions. These are practices that will help to attract happiness and if you live with integrity, the rest will take care of itself. Life will show you how to open yourself to happiness if you can just pay attention and humbly accept it’s guidance rather than forcing your expectations upon it.

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