A requiem

Wandering to see what we have seen,
The sun piercing crystal into opened drapes;
Light climbing through as tumblings fall;
Awaiting the rise in dim landscapes,
Exertion, release through breath, proof pounding out;
Letting loose a tiling glance filled with mirth,
Hearing, striking a solid, sound rhythm;
Glinting through rest at the hearth,
Flashing, burning light with deep energy;
Now, the past moves us, at a moment still;
The moment before action, the instance to choose;
To remember the fight, the lives in the mill.

The Bounty

The days right to bring breath to the dark,
With the sun reaching the wetness of the night,
Bringing water into the cycle of system

The days of late have been a collective exercise
Of will over biology, recognizing the risks of today
Acting for the future has never been more pressing

The rising sun and heat calls us to action
Seeking comfort in the dark and the space between moments
The events that define a life are built from the time between them


a moment in time, as view scape
Crystalline with separation
rays of liquid leaving through titanic views
each one present for their reaction
waiting impatiently with expressions
embracing unity as a presence
allowing, accepting, feeling, influencing
there is light at eye corners
sneaking in glances opportunistically
welcoming interest with the gravity of its gale
Shifting and moving with the wind
dancing a joyful play on light steps
where there is rhythm-

Bile and flow

Raw reaction
Anathema to all
Easily confused with control

Simple creation
Clarity or confusion
Red for white, red for blood

Powerful tones driving a melody
Listening to a beat from the past
Gives a structure to the future

Ignoring now for presence
Allow past, intuit future
Illusory barriers

Time has no feeling
A substance of light and flash
Permanence in connection

Broken by betrayal of feeling
The ocean masks currents
A distraction in waves.

Faceted origin

A composite of colours and sinew,
Binding and blending an essence into an existence,
Affected by connections between centres of being

Without pre-tension – enjoying the energetic views,
Heightened by the difference – seeking unity from clues,
A challenge understated by the desire to soothe

From within, for within, without all
Without judgement, reaction or relapse
Using metaphor and feeling for knowledge and understanding

Intuitive glances given
Creating consensus with one
Bringing together what is and was.

Framing life

Trickling with gravity,
Pointed levity,
Beautiful curls,
Dancing swirls

The route of least resistance,
Carving worldly magnificence,
Laying memories of times before,
Releasing energy into lore

Measured reaction,
Swirling currents into contraction,
A mirror for the world,
Greater as unfurled

Swathes, stillness plain,
Flowing to effervescent planes,
Rings around rungs,
Three being fun.

La nuit

Dim lights blend into the background. A cascading cacophony creates to serve a taste of velvet. In and over, the day’s tone follows a rotation, glimpsing sweet victory. Faint reflections, glancing from the corners of their eyes, sparkling and noticing the vibrance within.

The endlessness of being

The golden light cascades forward,

Creating a moment of fleeting tranquility.

The space created is sacred and pure,

Interrupted by the noise

and thunder of life passing by.

The shining light

like a watchful gaze

allows dancing shadows and reflections.

Figures and stories exist in the alcoves,

Contemplating the pattern.

Here we sit and walk

as silent music waits in the background.

Let go

Circles and cycles
Each part has its place
Puzzling to no end

No holding on to bad edges

Goodness lies in allowance
Create space for momentum

Denying truth is forceful tension
Don’t let it build and distort

Just accept and let go


Living truth
Clear away storms
Growing from the center within
Gently fighting for self
Source of pure energy
Burns away the unwelcome presence



Not every opportunity should be realized,

Not every relationship should work,

Trying to force it creates a tension,

Ultimately leading to an unhealthy dynamic,

If it’s meant to work, it shouldn’t feel like work,

If it’s worth it, you’ll feel worth it,

Don’t settle for being treated less than you deserve.

Chronic pain, relief

Push against the visitor,

It’s constant appearance unwelcome,

Returning in expected moments,

Greet it and know that it will leave,

Each visit dismisses it again,

Don’t give the expected reaction,

Lessen the connection with the unwanted,

Know that it will drift away.