Living truth
Clear away storms
Growing from the center within
Gently fighting for self
Source of pure energy
Burns away the unwelcome presence



Shine sun

The fall, the rise

Shine through the night

I am the strength, the light

Ever last, outlast

Before and beyond

After and always

Free in morning.


I listened to your dreams and made them my own,
I heard your cries and held you till they passed.

What was offered, was taken,
What was shared, is over.

Thoughts lead to expression,
Expression leads to action.

Your choices have been made,
Do not pretend I look kindly on them.

My actions are now my own,
My future is my own.

Ghosts in the mist

Duality is a beautiful thing,
A reflection reveals itself to itself.

The light of consciousness envelops,
The dark of subconscious obscures,
There is always light to balance out the dark.

Within the darkness of ourselves,
Reside the ghosts of unfelt emotions & thoughts,
Who become stronger with time and repression.

Acceptance and love relaxes us into who we are,
Tension and denial will only turn ghosts into demons.


It’s so easy to run through life,
Thinking that everything you earn,
Is purely due to your own efforts.

Recognizing the people around you,
The love and support that they give,
Can help ensure that they stay around.

When warranted, be humble in acceptance,
when not, stand firm in loving defiance.

On darkness

There is an abyss that hungers,

Trauma is its invitation to consume,

Darkness is here from time beyond,

It will always live on as a part of our dream.

It is the nightmare that seeks,

It is the illusion that confuses,

It gives momentary relief to distract,

While it eats your beautiful heart.

The dark can be enchanting,

We need it to give meaning to light,

Our family lives in the world between,

Lead them to find love in that balance.

You, the sky

Beautiful, you ebb and flow above the ocean and earth,

Complex, with a temperament guided by forces beyond me,

Radiant, you bring both storms and sun that we can feel fullness of life,

I see your grace and I love your spirit.