It’s your first time journeying, and you might want to have a handle to hold onto for comfort and peace.

The experience will likely feel as though you’re drifting through reality where everything you feel becomes vivid and different. Your psyche is going to drift along the connection between your body in the world and your spirit on the frontier.

There is no way to really distance yourself from or filter what you’re about to experience, so be prepared for that and also know that it’s an inward journey. It will likely be beautiful and enlightening,  but with some challenges. The feelings and experiences that you, on an innate or subscious level, are taking with you will be ones that you face. Your journey might give you a moment to accept and process so that you can be free.

Go on this journey with people who make you feel secure and have ideally practiced with medicines before. Their experience is going to affect yours so try to be aware of that affect going in so that it can be as positive as possible for everyone.

Remember that this is something that you’re doing to make yourself feel better, because you’re worth it. We all need to release parts of our psyche, or ego, that we’re holding onto so that we can just be who we are.

Let yourself be you, let your journey be what it is and remember love as you go.

What you deserve

You’re trapped in a cycle, spinning around with feelings and people you don’t know,

What you’re doing doesn’t make you love yourself, and you deserve a better experience,

There are all sorts to have in this life, have that which reinforces your self worth,

If you’re feeling worse doing the same things, do things differently,

Do it for love and do it with grace, or you’ll never change the cycle.

Recognize that you’re the cycle and you’ll leave when you’re ready.