The path may be revealed,
The work has been realized,

Growth was powerfully difficult,
Pain is the ultimate decider,

Vigor takes us to our limits,
Dedication protects us from loss,

The edge is to be approached,
Not crossed for respect of the abyss.


We all need space to grow,

Searching for it can be painful,

Our work is to be more present,

Feeling more can be weird and strange,

Stay in this world with love and respect.


Moving away from feeling,

Disconnecting from our moments,

We feel ourselves move,

Will you be inspired,

Will you come back,

To our shared moment,

Be yourself, be strong,

Show your world inspiration.

Standing alone

There is a time to stand apart,

Individual growth is part of your process,

Find strength in solitude,

You have to find you own path.

On darkness

There is an abyss that hungers,

Trauma is its invitation to consume,

Darkness is here from time beyond,

It will always live on as a part of our dream.

It is the nightmare that seeks,

It is the illusion that confuses,

It gives momentary relief to distract,

While it eats your beautiful heart.

The dark can be enchanting,

We need it to give meaning to light,

Our family lives in the world between,

Lead them to find love in that balance.

Being hurt

We tend to hurt each other for two reasons,

First, they are in pain and they are sharing it,

Second, they feel you need to grow and they are giving you a poke,

In either case, you respond with love.

Pain is not required

There’s a fine line that separates between discomfort and pain,

Discomfort is a space to be explored for growth,

Pain is what you feel when you’re exploring something else,

Both are sensations and the one you explore is based off your emotional and mental state,

Love yourself and focus on exploring discomfort, we should shun pain.

If you aren’t well and are trying to grow, you might be exploring pain.

Pain is your internal signal to stop and look for a better path.

You, the sky

Beautiful, you ebb and flow above the ocean and earth,

Complex, with a temperament guided by forces beyond me,

Radiant, you bring both storms and sun that we can feel fullness of life,

I see your grace and I love your spirit.


If life has a path for you, you just need to find it.

If that path was crafted for you, it’s meant to be found.

Signs are to be sought after and paid attention to.