When they go high, we go low to find our way through.

There is a beautiful wisdom in understanding our paths and staying on them. We are built to want things, to yearn for what we do not have so that we find ourselves in-between that which is and could be.

Being aware of not having what we want gives us stability, noticing what we need to get what we want gives us wisdom and feeling discomfort with not having what we want gives us the energy to go get it.

Being hurt

We tend to hurt each other for two reasons,

First, they are in pain and they are sharing it,

Second, they feel you need to grow and they are giving you a poke,

In either case, you respond with love.

Pain is not required

There’s a fine line that separates between discomfort and pain,

Discomfort is a space to be explored for growth,

Pain is what you feel when you’re exploring something else,

Both are sensations and the one you explore is based off your emotional and mental state,

Love yourself and focus on exploring discomfort, we should shun pain.

If you aren’t well and are trying to grow, you might be exploring pain.

Pain is your internal signal to stop and look for a better path.