I am beautiful

I am kind 

I am a sensual creature 

I deserve love

say it again, and out loud


Start again.

Feel what’s there and notice what’s gone,

Release the past, release the old to let it all drift,

Buried under layers of emotions and sensations,

Separate what was from what is,

Find yourself.

Seeing ghosts

Buried in snow drifts,
Deep in the forest,
They float on,
As spirits without a home.

They never leave,
Watching and yearning,
Dreaming of a release,
They scratch at their cage.

Forsaken parts of ourselves,
Releasing them releases us.

Our reflections look at us,
With our own eyes.

Ghosts in the mist

Duality is a beautiful thing,
A reflection reveals itself to itself.

The light of consciousness envelops,
The dark of subconscious obscures,
There is always light to balance out the dark.

Within the darkness of ourselves,
Reside the ghosts of unfelt emotions & thoughts,
Who become stronger with time and repression.

Acceptance and love relaxes us into who we are,
Tension and denial will only turn ghosts into demons.

Our narrative

Sometimes things just happen, 
Events have a certain way to unfold.

Our expressions are caught up in grander scheme; 
They have influence and no real control.

The gap between our worlds is navigated with our narrative, 
We live in one and are the other, 
We all live in one and are the others.


Moving with currents of emotion,
New flows open up and guide us along,
Knowing when to resist the current is key.

Many different currents can carry us along,
Finding the right current is like gift,
It will change how you are.

Two Halves, One Whole

There is a gap between who we are,
And who our thoughts tell us we are.
There can be a war between these halves,
When we are not aligned with our true selves.

We think this by having wracking thoughts,
We feel this by experiencing physical and emotional pain.
The gap is closed when we accept who we are,
The pain goes away when we surrender to ourselves.


Feeling anything is beautiful,
Feeling everything is wondrous.

Being present and open is challenging,
It means we can be hurt and feel pain.

With vulnerability comes strength,
Surrender to your feelings and let control drift.

Connect with creation, joy and love,
Let’s allow love to shape who we are.

Sheltered Sky

Beautiful moments happen, they can appear suddenly or build gradually.

Protect your moments, so that you get the experiences you need.

Shelter yourself, so that you can enjoy these moments when they happen.

There is always beauty and magic, if that is what you seek.